Property Clean up

Well it’s that time again – spring has sprung and if your like most of us your yard

needs to be cleaned up. Broken branches and raking will make up most of the work

but sometimes you have a few old junker cars that will need to be towed away

to make room for other things.

Getting rid of this type of clutter will be so rewarding. Bring on the swingset,

hottub or even a pool, you might just have the room for that now.

Let's make room and get rid of the old stuff.

Let’s make room and get rid of the old stuff.


How to Clean Your Carpet 

As of today, many household are using different carpets to decorate or to suit their comfort and style in their own home. A carpet is a heavy, often tufted piece of fabric used as a covering for the floor. As its definition suggests, a carpet has a lot of fabric to make cozy, thick and warm. A home is more comfortable and snug when it has a carpet on its floors because it provides warmth and a sense of relaxation. Nowadays, there are various designs and styles of carpets that are sold in the market. They come in different colors and textures which makes it a very easy piece to decorate your home with.


Unfortunately, this thick and heavy fabric needs to be cleaned regularly. Because of how much fabric is in it, dusts, food particles, microorganisms and other stuff could be hiding in it. These things might cause a disorder of some kind or even an epidemic in the house. It can cause various diseases like allergies and skin disorders if not maintained well. This is why there is a need to clean the carpet in your own home.

1. Regularly Vacuum It

Professional carpet-cleaners say that the most effective and fastest way for you to clean out your carpet is to vacuum it regularly. They suggest vacuuming it three or more times per week. And if you are situated in the big cities with more dust and pollution everywhere then you should be vacuuming it daily.  Another tip is to always make sure that everyone removes their shoes whenever they go inside your home.

Cleaning your carpet would not only help you with your health but also, it would make your carpet last longer. Regularly cleaned carpets lasts a long time compared to other carpets that are taken for granted. It saves you your family’s health and some money too!

Professional carpet-cleaners also pointed out that the quality and kind of your vacuum cleaner also play a big role in the success of cleaning your carpets. An upright vacuum removes deeply situated dirt and a vacuum with a big canister and a beater-bar head also does the job but you have to make sure that the head is free of any thread or fuzz for maximum usage.

But whatever you pick, the motor of the vacuum is the most important thing to consider. It must be powerful so that it would suction out all the dirt and other debris that might be in your carpet. You should check the suctioning part of your vacuum regularly to find out if there are blockages or other unnecessary things that might stop it from functioning well.

2. Know What Your Carpet is Made Of

There are many tips and tricks in where you can clean your carpet successfully, when you go to your local hardware to find a machine, you must be knowledgeable about what your carpet is made out of so that you will be able to pick the right cleaning solution for it and when you finally get it, test it on a spot where it cannot be seen regularly so that if it leaves any color or marks, it would not be totally obvious.

Don’t be a self-proclaimed professional, so you must follow correctly the instructions in your machine and on the detergent or solution. When you start cleaning, make sure to open all your windows to avoid suffocation and you must have a fan to help your carpet dry out quickly. It is very important to keep the moisture away as quick as possible.

3. Removing Remote Stain

And for remote stains, it is recommended to get rid of it as soon as possible before it can settle to the material of the carpet. One best way to get rid of this dirt is to try not to wipe it away; you must blot the stain for it not to go deeper into the carpet or smudged all over it. There are also things that you can use to remove some stains that can be found on your home counters.

For example, your child accidentally dropped a gum in your well-loved carpet, what you can do is make it hard using an ice cube before you snoop it right off so that you could prevent it from spreading all around your favorite carpet. Another example is when there are foul stains on your carpet; you can mix equal measurements of vinegar and warm water and then apply it with a cloth in the affected area.

Keeping your carpet clean is very important; it saves you money and it save your health. You just have to follow these steps and you can make it happen yourself.




Why There Is a Need To Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner? 

Imagine cleaning your carpet really thoroughly, you are the one who is going to move your appliances and things away and move them back after, you will also pick up your equipment and return them back when you are done. These are very stressful tasks that you must do to clean your carpet. Apart from that, there is no assurance that you have thoroughly cleaned your carpet with the dirt and debris that it has.

This is why there is a need for you to hire a professional carpet-cleaner because it will definitely save you time, effort and money. Professional carpet cleaners can do the job really well because they are well-trained with the job and they have the right equipment to get to the really deep parts of the carpet where you could not. They have taken courses about carpet cleaning and so they have acquired a wide range of knowledge for them to be called a professional in that field.

Every dirt that sticks on your carpet will really be eliminated since they are knowledgeable on what materials and chemicals to use to properly get it off and to avoid damage to the fabric of your carpet. It is really more advantageous to hire a professional with all those reasons.

You can benefit from this because you can do more things while having your carpet cleaned, you can use this time to work or to spend time with your family and friends. You can also save yourself from any health hazard that comes with cleaning your carpet. You will not be able to inhale dust or any other microorganisms that can cause you a disease or two. Avoiding stress is really the key to living a happy life, thus, save yourself from being so stressed in cleaning and removing stains and other stuff in your carpet.


All of your carpet related problems will be solved by a professional cleaner. Need not to stress-out about it. Surely, there are many on your neighborhood or city. You can easily contact them but know what questions to ask and what details to look at so that you will end up with the best people to provide you with the carpet cleaning services that you need.


Natural Carpet Deodorizer 

In this world, who would not want to have a house that smells so fresh and aromatic? Having it like that would really help make you feel good from a day of stress at work, at school or from a long travel. You would not also be ashamed to welcome guests into your home because you know it would smell nice and they would want to stay in your house for as long as they want. It gives them the impression that you have put in a great effort in making it smell that way. You can easily make this into reality just by putting effort into deodorizing your carpet.


Since a carpet covers a big part of any household, it is best to freshen it up so that it would create an aroma around your house. But a lot of deodorizing agents that are sold in the market today contains a lot of awful ingredients that you would not want inside your house. Some contains toxic chemicals and that is not safe at all. The best thing to remedy this problem is that you have to do it yourself and we will teach you how.

It will only take two simple ingredients to make your carpet smell good. It is very healthy for your home and your family and it will help getting rid of termites, odor or other bacteria that would probably enter your carpet. It is made of a half a cup of baking soda and 30-50 drops of essential oil of your choice. There is a wide range of essential oils in the market that you could buy and choose from. Make sure to choose the one that really suits your liking.

Actually, baking soda is a natural carpet cleaner and it can get rid of bad odors in your carpet. What leaves a nice smell in your carpet is the essential oil and it will also cleanse your carpet too. According to surveys, the most picked essential oils are lavender and tea tree oil. They have antibacterial capacities but if you have pets in your house, avoid using the tea tree oil because it is not suitable for your pets.






Homemade Carpet Stain Removers 

Unfortunately, there are really bad days where someone from your family might actually cause a stain in your beautiful carpet. You need not to be upset about because we are going to present you with things that are just on your cupboard or somewhere inside the vicinity of your home that you could use to remove carpet stains. And if some of these are not of your home, you could just easily purchase this on a convenience nearest to your location.


As we all know, vinegar always saves the day. But we would like to expose to many more things that can still do the trick. It is not always vinegar that could help you with cleaning stains in your carpet. You could also make use of Hydrogen Peroxide. It is best with stains that you are not certain about, you just have to mix one tablespoon of three percent hydrogen peroxide with a pinch of cream of tartar or a little of non-gel toothpaste. You can rub this on the stain using a piece of cloth. Afterwards, rinse it and it should be gone.

Use your toothbrush. When stains will go really deep into the fibers of your carpet it is really hard to remove it from there. Hence, we are suggesting you to use an old toothbrush or use your own and buy a new one after. A soft-bristle toothbrush will work perfectly when you dab it with the right removing agent like vinegar or ready-made chemicals and the stain will be there no more.

You might enjoy drinking this on a hot day but you can also use Club Soda in removing tough stains and pet urine. What you are going to do is instantly blot the excess urine with a cloth or tissue and soak it with club soda, blot it again and scrub it with a shampoo or detergent that is made for carpets. It can also remove stains from coffee or tea with the same process.

These are just some of the homemade techniques and things that can remove stains in your carpet. Try it first on a secluded part of the carpet before pouring or applying it to a larger part of the carpet to be sure.