Natural Carpet Deodorizer 

In this world, who would not want to have a house that smells so fresh and aromatic? Having it like that would really help make you feel good from a day of stress at work, at school or from a long travel. You would not also be ashamed to welcome guests into your home because you know it would smell nice and they would want to stay in your house for as long as they want. It gives them the impression that you have put in a great effort in making it smell that way. You can easily make this into reality just by putting effort into deodorizing your carpet.


Since a carpet covers a big part of any household, it is best to freshen it up so that it would create an aroma around your house. But a lot of deodorizing agents that are sold in the market today contains a lot of awful ingredients that you would not want inside your house. Some contains toxic chemicals and that is not safe at all. The best thing to remedy this problem is that you have to do it yourself and we will teach you how.

It will only take two simple ingredients to make your carpet smell good. It is very healthy for your home and your family and it will help getting rid of termites, odor or other bacteria that would probably enter your carpet. It is made of a half a cup of baking soda and 30-50 drops of essential oil of your choice. There is a wide range of essential oils in the market that you could buy and choose from. Make sure to choose the one that really suits your liking.

Actually, baking soda is a natural carpet cleaner and it can get rid of bad odors in your carpet. What leaves a nice smell in your carpet is the essential oil and it will also cleanse your carpet too. According to surveys, the most picked essential oils are lavender and tea tree oil. They have antibacterial capacities but if you have pets in your house, avoid using the tea tree oil because it is not suitable for your pets.





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